Pressure Cleaning & Sealing

Does your commercial property need professional cleaning or sealing?

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We provide commercial pressure washing and gentle cleaning. Our certified experts also apply coatings and sealers to protect any solid surfaces.

From car parks to facias, our cleaning and restoration services cover everything to keep your commercial property protected and looking it’s best.

We clean and seal almost any surface, including concrete, natural stone, block paving, wood, and more.

The importance of a clean shop front

A building’s exterior façade is the first thing customers see. It represents your company and says more than words ever can. Many modern buildings, such as art galleries, shopping arcades, office building and even supermarkets, often have architecturally stunning designs that can have multiple facades, and these see to be cleaned regularly to represent your brand in the best light.

In addition to cleaning, using coatings to protect surfaces and protect colours can be used to extend the life of the cladding or other hard surfaces to reduce long-term costs.

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